Pinnacle Fresh is a newly formed company born out of a vision to be the next generation of Australian fresh produce professionals, with a focus on building solid, mutually beneficial business relationships through transparency.

Our product range of fresh produce is streamlined, and we focus our energy on carrying out specific functions to the highest possible standard. Our core energy is spent driving our product range through the procurement of quality products, key people, supply chain efficiency and competitive pricing.

We are importers of quality out-of-season fresh produce, as well as logistics marketers for our alliance growers whom are based in major regional centres across Australia. There are times when you cannot procure locally-grown fresh product, so Pinnacle Fresh make it their business by “Always Being In Season” with quality fresh produce in our product range. By doing this, we enable our customers to merchandise these key products all-year-round by fulfilling the supply gap between local growing seasons.

Alf Fabris and Jordan Bain are the founders of Pinnacle Fresh and actively work in the business on a day-to-day basis. Our experience in the Australian Fresh Produce industry is well established with a knowledge base that extends mainly from the retail sector at a corporate level. Combined, we have some 25 years practical experience in the Fresh Produce Industry.

Our General Manager, Mr Glenn Ashurst is responsible for the corporate governance of our company. Glenn is a qualified accountant and has over 15 years experience in the Australian Fresh Produce Industry, with his primary focus on business management and administration.

We have a labour force of full time and casual staff, who are the lifeblood of our business. Their tireless work makes them valuable assets to our business. We believe in developing our people through empowerment and responsibility. Our reward comes from watching them grow.


Glen Ashurst


P: +614 25 821 399
E: glenn@pinnaclefresh.com.au
S: gash1967

Jordan Bain

Managing Director

P: +614 38 650 833
E: Jordan@pinnaclefresh.com.au
S: jordan.bain.55

Alf Fabris

Managing Director

P: +614 28 164 546
E: alf@pinnaclefresh.com.au
S: alf.fabris

Michael Fontanos


P: +61 443 915 623
E: michael@pinnaclefresh.com.au

Marcello Matricari

Account Manager

P: +61 419 161 002
E: marcello@pinnaclefresh.com.au

Daniel Newport

Account Manager

P: +61 488 023 679
E: daniel@pinnaclefresh.com.au

Eddie Rimmer


P: +61 447 047 276
E: eddie@pinnaclefresh.com.au